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We have a full range of MPEG-2 equipment and accessories:

For more details about some of our new products follow Products link.

In our products program you will find all the equipment needed to generate and transmitt the digital bouquet. Upon your specific request we will suggest you the right configuration and the type of the equipment.

This equipment can be used to generate one or more digital bouquet with up to 4 or 6 TV programs each, and to multiplex all of them together (depending on configuration and allowed bandwith up to 32 programs can be multiplexed together). This digital stream can be used either for DVB-T broadcasting and for contribution or distribution over the links network.

By using the QPSK Modulator and Demodulator you can transmitt one of theese bouqet over standard microwave analogue link. If you want to transmit over digital links (SDH or PDH) you can use trans-coders which allows you to deal with up to 135 or 150 Mb/s payload streams.


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