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Broadcast and communications
ENG and sports coverage
Used with live cams at sporting or cultural events
Transmission of live pictures from vehicles or helicopters
Police (mobile surveillance)
Fire brigade (live pictures on site)
Civil protection (live-pictures on site)
Security sector




The DLC-5000 offers the latest technology in portable digital video & audio transmission.
The best quality MPEG-2 video, with stereo audio, and COFDM modulation guarantee excellent performance.
COFDM multi carrier modulation is immune to chroma breathing, picture break up and other multipath reflection problems, which are a feature of analogue FM systems. In fact COFDM benefits from multipath reflections.
Enables non “line of sight” operation with a fixed receive antenna.
The signal is divided into many parallel streams, each conveyed its own carrier. The large number of carriers used means that the information will arrive at the receiver with no timing errors. The more reflections, the more reliable the transmission is.
Greatly improved robustness of the transmitted signal, compared to analogue transmission, due to Forward Error Correction.
The system is ideally suited to mobile operations and its low weight, small size and modular construction ensure the greatest degree of flexibility.
Large colour LCD monitor on the receiver allows instant control of received video and audio signal and all reception parameters.
Receiver with diversity technology for improved coverage and signal quality.
Doppler compensation for speed up to 150 km/h (option up to 250 km/h).
Optional V-mount or Gold Plate fixing for battery and camera.




High quality sound and vision
SDI input and output for direct interface to digital camera and studio
Simple to use
Secure transmission with digital encryption
Stereo audio transmission
Modular construction
For use in ENG, OB and studios
Can be used for licence-free transmission in the ISM-Band













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