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Network Adapter,
QPSK Modulator,

COFDM Modulator ...

Find out our new products for digital TV broadcasting and contribution. Excellent quality, flexible configuration, , new design, multi language user friendly controls via large LCD screen. For more information follow  Products link.



Digital Transport Stream (TS) transmission over existing analogue microwave links

For all TV stations and networks - use your actual analog links to transmit up to 4 high quality video signals. For more information go directly to Link Upgrade page.



DVB-T Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting

Complete system for digital DVB-T transmission. Upgrade your actual TV transmitter or take a new one. For more information click on Digital TV link.



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DIGITAL ON-BOARD CAMERA WIRELESS VIDEO LINK  - This season our equipment was used in FIM Motocross World Championship MX-1 and MX-2 and Supermoto World Championship S1 for live on board video transmission during the races. You can watch the races registrations on website www.freecaster.tv/MX 

More information will follow...




DIGITAL WIRELESS VIDEO LINK - COFDM Portable Wireless Video Link for digital transmission of signal between camera and studio. COFDM modulation scheme for non-in-sight functioning, diversity receiver with up to 6 diversity inputs, easy operation...



DIGITAL ENG TV LINK - QPSK Fixed or Mobile digital link for transmission of signal from remote site to a studio. QPSK modulation scheme for robust signal, 2-10-14 GHz Band up to 2 W power, small housing, pole or tripod mount equipment and antenna, variable frequency, easy operation ...



CATV and MMDS EQUIPMENT - Multiple encoder system (up to 10 video + 20 audio in one housing), Modulators for CATV and MMDS transmission (QPSK - 16 QAM - 64 QAM), Up-converters for UHF, 2.5 GHz and 12 GHz band, Booster amplifiers, Antenna systems, Control equipment ...

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